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Communications and Media

Do you love information? Are you curious about how people communicate in their personal and professional relationships, within your own culture or across different cultures? Are you interested in media, whether print, broadcast or digital? Communications may be the field for you.

Communications is a relatively new discipline, but in this "Age of Information and Globalization," it is growing rapidly. For communications graduates, employment opportunities are plentiful, starting wages are reasonable and the doors to advancement are wide open.

Communications is also a very broad discipline. Your education in communications might cover:

  • Learning to research and write for a wide variety of media, and being a media analyst and critic
  • Applying new telecommunications technologies, and learning about regulatory frameworks
  • Understanding how communication interacts with different cultures, and becoming an active participant in contemporary communications culture

Because the field is so broad, a degree in communications can lead to a variety of jobs, such as:

  • Researching and reporting on social and political events
  • Specialty reporting in fields such as business, sports or technology
  • Focusing on the communications value of publication design
  • Working in marketing, internal communications or public relations
  • Working in the public, private or non-profit sectors
  • Doing event planning, from small meetings to international conferences
  • Researching public policy or developing corporate policies
  • Developing technical manuals to help people learn how to use new products

The almost boundary-less nature of communications means two things: You are very likely to find a niche that you can be passionate about; and, over the course of your career, you will likely have many opportunities to shift the focus of your work to new and interesting challenges.

In other words, if you choose communications, you will be choosing a career with the potential to always be fresh, compelling and exciting.


School Program
Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology - Media and Design
Athabasca University  - Bachelor of Professional Arts Communication Studies Major
Capilano University - Communications Studies Diploma
Carleton University - Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies Program (formerly Mass Communications)
- Bachelor of Journalism
- Bachelor of Information Technology (Stream in Interactive Multimedia and Design)
Concordia University - Communications and Media
- Intermedia and Cyberarts
- Design and Computation Arts
Langara College - Communications - 1st and 2nd Year Transferable Courses to Universities
(*With Some Exceptions)
LaSalle College - Inter-Dec College - 2D/3D Imagery, Design and Beauty
New Brunswick Community College - Animation and Graphics
- Digital Photography
- Electronic Game - 3D Graphics
- Electronic Game - Design
- Graphics Design
- Journalism
- Media Studies
Trinity Western University - Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts
University of Calgary - Bachelor of Communication Studies
University of Ontario
Institute of Technology
- Communication
University of Regina - Certificate in Public Relations
University of Waterloo - Digital Arts Communication
- Drama  
- English-Rhetoric and Professional Writing
- Speech Communication