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University Transfer Programs:
Start Your University Degree at a Canadian College

While many people interested in earning a degree head straight for university, more students are finding out that university is not their only choice of where to start a Bachelor's degree program.

In Canada, many students are deciding on a flexible option called a University Transfer program. This gives students the convenience of taking the first two years of a typical four-year university degree at a college, before transferring to complete the final two years of the degree at university.

University Transfer programs are offered through Canadian colleges and technical institutes that have agreements or relationships with universities. These determine which of the college's programs are transferable to a degree program, where a student may transfer to, and which courses will apply towards the degree. Students can choose from a wide selection of University Transfer programs across Canada, including Business, Commerce, Journalism, Arts, Education, Engineering, Science, and Computer Science. The choice of programs, as well as the universities a student may transfer to, will vary by college.

Students find University Transfers appealing because they offer a chance to enjoy the advantages of a college education: smaller class sizes, greater access to instructors, competitive tuition fees, and a more personal atmosphere.

This may be particularly attractive to international students away from home for the first time, or those for whom English is a second language. Students have a chance to adapt to university-level academics in an intimate environment, before going to university to take the more advanced courses required by their degree. Upon successful completion of the program, they are recognized university graduates.

A recent study reveals that students who arrive at university through a college transfer are equally as successful as those coming straight from high school. The 2003 report, conducted by the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfers, found that that there were no major differences between those who entered university directly and those who transferred from college in terms of satisfaction with university experience, continuation of studies, low unemployment rates, salaries and social engagement. A college transfer is an increasingly viable option for students interested in earning a baccalaureate degree.

Students attending a University Transfer program at a college should be sure to confirm in advance all requirements and conditions of transferring to a degree program. In some cases, university admission may not be guaranteed through a University Transfer Program -- students must still apply to the university and fulfill admission requirements.

Offering quality education, affordable tuition and a friendly setting, Canadian colleges can open up a wide range of options for students pursuing an undergraduate degree. Discover how the first step towards your university career can start at a college, by searching for University Transfer programs in Canada.



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