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Hospitality and Tourism Programs in Canada


Home to the Rocky Mountains, the Plains of Abraham, Iceberg Alley and one of the most magnificent National Parks systems in the world, Canada is a world-renowned tourism destination. People from all over the world come to experience Canada's beauty, diversity and warm hospitality.  

Tourism is big business in Canada. Visitors made over 20 million overnight trips to Canada in 2002, spending over $51 billion dollars shopping, sightseeing, visiting museums and art galleries, camping, attending cultural events and eating in some of the best restaurants and cafes in the world. 

Currently, over 577, 000 Canadians work in the tourism industry. Because of its importance to the Canadian economy, and in response to industry demands, Canadian schools have developed some of the most well-respected and innovative Hospitality and Tourism programs in the world. These programs produce highly trained employees who impress both visitors and employers with their skills and knowledge. And as an international student, you will have the opportunity to introduce others to your culture and traditions while being introduced to new customs and ideas. Such an experience will enhance your cultural awareness and contribute to your understanding of the global community, making you a valuable member of this industry.

You don't have to be a travel agent, flight attendant or tour guide to be a part of this exciting field. Tourism is an extremely diverse industry. There are hundreds of different careers available to you. Have you ever thought about becoming a park ranger? What about the manager of a golf course? Or working for an international hotel chain? Have you ever wanted to teach people how to white-water raft or mountain climb? Or are you creative in the kitchen and wondered what it would be like to give tourists a taste of local cuisine? Like travel agents and tour guides, these people interact with visitors everyday, sharing the best things about their country.

Canadian schools offer a wide variety of programs. Some have Golf Course Management courses with specializations in Turf Management. Others can teach you the skills necessary to provide recreation services to those with special needs. There are even programs that specialize in travel law and travel insurance. Environmental tourism programs are very popular. These programs can teach you everything from guiding basics, including wilderness first aid, to leading groups into the mountains or along beaches without damaging fragile ecosystems. Fitness and Health Promotion is another popular program choice. Learn to be a fitness instructor and provide health, fitness and related safety courses on a cruise ship. Or study to be a massage therapist and work for an international hotel chain or luxurious spa. And while not traditionally associated with the tourism industry, restaurants are a major attraction for many travelers. Visitors often return home boasting of the incredible meals offered on their cruise or sharing memories of the romantic cafe they stumbled upon during an evening stroll. Canada has a number of prestigious culinary schools where students learn everything they need to succeed as a cook and restaurateur. Whatever program you choose, you too can become a successful partner in the tourism industry.

Whether you are a interested in owning a small inn or working at an internationally recognized hotel, running your own adventure company or organizing activities on a cruise ship, or managing your own restaurant or creating culinary delights in the kitchen of one of the best restaurants in the world, you will find a tourism program that is right for you. Click here to find Canadian schools offering Hospitality and Tourism programs.

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